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"Making, Top Quality, Electric Hybrid Vehicle Battery Systems Repair Reconditioning And Replacement Affordable"

Tel: 0730 789 33 33

Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Battery Repair, Reconditioning and Replacement

 Enhanced Electric/Hybrid System Diagnostics

For UK and Imported Vehicles

 Mobile Service



Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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Who We Are

Hybrid Repair Service is company specialising in electric/hybrid systems and high voltage battery repair, replacement and reconditioning.  We are fully insured and offer a mobile service included in the quoted price. We have, in place, both Public liability insurance and a fully comprehensive policy for any vehicle. Our service operates by repairing at the place of your choice or by collection and return,  working throughout the United Kingdom mainland. Offering only top quality repair options that are guaranteed to last.

Flexible Repair Options

Offering a range of repair options to suit all needs from a top quality budget repair, complete reconditioning to brand new original equipment manufacturer (OEM) hybrid batteries or alternatively, the best quality C E marked aftermarket hybrid vehicle batteries from some of the top manufacturers in the industry for UK and Imported vehicles. 

You can trust in our experience.

Warranties To Match Our Repairs  

All our Battery repairs or replacements carry warranties 

 up to a 3 years or 90,000 miles or a year by year extendable warranty depending on services or batteries provided.


Rest Assured 

Hybrid Repair Service uses professional equipment which will not overheat or damage your electric / hybrid battery while it is being reconditioning

 We believe in continuous career development and are constantly training to stay ahead of the pack in this quickly evolving industry.


Customer Care

At Hybrid Repair Service we take pride in each and every repair and  always strive to provide the best levels of service for our customers and have an excellent customer satisfaction rating

Providing a full invoice for private and business use plus a data sheet for your vehicles service history.

Check out what our customers say on our testimonials page.

Safety First

Institute Of The Motor Industry TechSafe registered indicates that an engineer or technician 

has undergone an industry recognised assessment and certification, meeting the required standard to work safely on your electric / hybrid vehicle.  

Hybrid Repair Service is TechSafe certified and believes in getting you safely back on the road as soon as possible at an affordable price.

Enhanced Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Diagnostics 

Electric/hybrid vehicle system diagnostics. For both UK and Imported vehicles

Electric/Hybrid High Voltage Battery Reconditioning

Hybrid battery reconditioning for NiMH Technology batteries

using state of the art equipment and processes to regain lost capacity within your electric/hybrid high voltage battery, using our collect recondition and return service.

This service comes with a detailed report specifying each battery module's discharge capacity / state of health

Please contact Hybrid Repair Service for more information 

Please call on 07307893333
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