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    Please note for all special order batteries 

    Please Note All Prices are inclusive of VAT Delivery and fitting within our area of operations. 
    any deposits taken for special order 
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    Please be aware any deposits taken for special order batteries are non refundable - prices may be subject to change without notice

    Performance Warranty

    3 year or 90,000 mile warranty
    on all new Honda hybrid batteries


    Hybrid Repair Service provides electric/hybrid high voltage battery module reconditioning for NiMH technology batteries. Using state of the art equipment and processes to regain lost capacity within your electric/hybrid high voltage battery, by using our collect, re-condition and return service.
    This service comes with a detailed report specifying each battery module's discharge capacity/state of health.

              : 0730 789 3333 


    Hybrid Battery Recoditioning Machine
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